Authenticity Assurance

Hype Vault strives to be the number one trusted online and retail destination for highly-coveted streetwear, sneakers and collectibles, not only in South East Asia, but worldwide. Procuring directly from official retail stores, as well as our trusted network of resellers, we only sell authentic products. We have established connections with local and global sellers as well as stores worldwide in order to provide 100% authentic and deadstock (new, never worn) items to our clients. We have served almost 50,000 clients and have been selling worldwide for seven years. 

For that reason, we assure you that all streetwear, sneakers, collectibles and accessories we curate for you are 100% authentic. We do this through expertise and numerous inspections on the product courtesy of experts and staff specialists who know the product inside and out. 



We have proudly created a verification process that ensures all products we provide for you are authentic and never worn. Our products are inspected numerous times by our highly trained, specialist staff. All our specialists are required to undergo meticulous training and verify everything thoroughly - from the brand logo, label, condition, stitching, colour, texture to size and much more. We also verify product accuracy by checking if the product matches the invoice. 

With a collective of our experience and knowledge, we compare incoming products against a variety of industry sources: certified authentic live product and official product imagery (directly from the brand’s website). All items purchased at Hype Vault are guaranteed authentic and never worn; as deadstock as it can get.



We authenticate products by performing multiple inspections across the whole product to make sure you get the real, authentic product; never worn, never fake. Always authentic. 

We authenticate and execute a comprehensive inspection of the product’s packaging: We check if the boxes are undamaged, match the product, and if the packaging is authentic.

We authenticate and execute a comprehensive inspection of all product materials. We check if all the materials used in the product are original. 

We authenticate and execute a comprehensive inspection of the product build. We check if all stitching, gluing, and other construction details match the product.


Excellent customer service and customer experience are our utmost priority. Feel free to reach out to us to review any claims regarding product authenticity. Our expert staff would be happy to help you. It is our goal that our efforts could build a trustworthy and secure online destination for everything luxury, streetwear, sneakers and accessories.