All about Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Statics

Since Adidas had released Yeezy Statics, Hype Vault's online store has been flooded with searches for them. We'd get search requests for statics a bunch of times a day, which begs to the question, why are these Adidas Yeezy Statics so popular?

Here are some of our thoughts. Unlike other Yeezys 350s, the Yeezy 350 V2 Static reflective and non-reflective sneakers feature additions of a translucent side stripe, 3M rope style shoe laces, heel pull tabs, signature Boost cushioning, Three-Stripes branding on the interior heel and white ridged sole.

Okay, now what the heck is the difference between the reflective and non-reflectives? Easy. The reflective ones are made of reflective properties in the Primeknit yarns and they were only exclusive to Yeezy Supply. Put into simple words, this sneaker glows when white flash-like lights hit its surfaces and they're super limited; around only 17,000 pairs worldwide.

Take your pick. These sneakers do not disappoint!

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